Science Fair: Student Peer Review

My students participate in a Writing Workshop and Peer Review Session before their last submission of their introduction.  The purpose of this activity is to actively engage students in supporting each other by giving meaningful feedback.  This activity is meant to model the peer-review process used by professional scientists. At this point in the class, … Continue reading Science Fair: Student Peer Review

Science Fair: Leading students in a literature search

Last fall I had the tremendous opportunity to participate in a conference for teachers who mentor students who do independent research. The weekend was sponsored by the Society for Science and the Public, and took place in Washington DC. (I strongly encourage you to apply for it if you see the opportunity. Everything about it … Continue reading Science Fair: Leading students in a literature search

Modelpalooza 2017

The American Modeling Teachers Association (AMTA) is an organization that supports teachers and provides professional development in a style of student-based, inquiry education known as "Modeling". This method is so-called because it naturally elicits student development of different representations, or models, to describe the world around them.  (Models include tables and graphs of data, equations, … Continue reading Modelpalooza 2017