Getting ready for next year?

Everyone starts thinking about the next school year before summer starts, right? I do. May brings not only graduation and finals, but also prepping summer work, science fair kickoff for next year, and launching next year’s student leaders with a last days of school retreat.

Yea. Insane.

One critically important thing to me is a planner. Maybe one day I’ll go really minimal and pick up a super cheap one, but I really love a fun colorful planner. It helps gloomy days be more cheerful. It keeps lessons, attendance and grades in one place. It just improves morale.

I wasn’t super excited by the Happy Planner release this year (HP is my current Teacher Planner publisher of choice), but settled on this after I convinced myself it was full of ornithologists. My daughter (adorably) unboxed it for me so you could see it. I think she’s a natural.

Tell me about your planner plans! And great tips I should know and don’t? Share them with us!

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