How to Make a Good Science Fair Project Idea into a Great Idea!

Brainstorming and how to make a good idea a great idea!

We are changing things up on the Better Science Teaching blog!

In the past, I was only posting on my blog. And that was successful, but I think not quite reaching everyone. Additionally, once my area went on “stay at home” orders, I wanted to find ways that felt more personal.

So… I will be posting Science Fair Friday every Friday (surprise!) and including tips about how to have a successful science fair project.

I would love for you to join me on YouTube, and if you like YouTube, make sure you subscribe.

If you’d like resources connected to science fair, check out this listing on Teachers Pay Teachers! Science Fair Research Project Proposal for 3 pages of notes of information for your students about selecting a topic, and a worksheet for students to summarize their ideas.

Have a great day!

Dr. O

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