Density, proportional reasoning, and misconceptions

It's a simple question: what is the relationship between mass and volume?DensitySome students immeadiately said, "Density!" So, I asked them to describe density in terms of particles, and they couldn't.There was a whole day of collecting data. A bunch of plastic blocks, mass on a triple-beam balance and cubic centimeters. Aha! As the volume increases, … Continue reading Density, proportional reasoning, and misconceptions

Modeling and volume, with precision and accuracy

Activity to investigate the relationship between cubic centimeters and milliliters.  Students carefully (or not so carefully) calculate the base area for their container, fill it to various heights (depths) of water, and measure the volume of water in the container. One group of students recalled a prior teacher told them that one centimeter cubed equalled … Continue reading Modeling and volume, with precision and accuracy