Project S.T.O.N.E.

Here is a great opportunity (from my alma-mater) for ALL teachers who are interested in learning more about science, particularly geology and chemistry.

Science Teaching for Ohio’s New Economy (S.T.O.N.E.)

Get ready for the New Generation Science Standards! Wright State University announces a summer and academic year science professional development opportunity for teachers of grades 4-12 to experience the integration of earth and physical science in an inquiry-based field, lab and distance learning setting.  All teachers and administrators are eligible, not only science teachers.

Part one of STONE will include a two-week (Monday-Friday) summer inquiry-based field trip and laboratory experience.  The goal of this summer experience is to allow classroom educators to build their knowledge of how geoscientists work to determine economic reserves of minerals. The field trips will be a great opportunity to collect samples for your classroom, take photographs, and use collected materials to develop your own inquiry-based classroom activities.  All participant meal, transportation and lodging costs* during the summer workshop will be grant funded.

A four-week internet-based collaboration during Fall 2013 is designed to support the development of classroom inquiry-based classroom activities by project participants.  Rounding out the professional development program are three interactive web conferences between participants and facilitators will take place every two months from January to May 2014 and will serve to generate ideas for further curriculum development, and to guide the future of the project. Up to 3 semester hours of graduate credit are available at the greatly reduced cost of $250/credit. Contact Project STONE Director William Slattery at for more information or to register for the program.

Summer Field and Laboratory Experience

Tentative dates July 15-19-July 22-26, 2013.

Fall Semester 2012

September – October 2013 Internet collaboration and classroom implementation phase

Follow Up

January-May 2014 Four one-hour interactive telecommunication conferences

*lodging provided for those participants living at least 60 miles from Wright State University Main Campus.

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