Spring is coming…

How do I know?  My Burpee catalog has arrived!

I get several every spring, including White Flower Farm and van Bourgondien.

Planning, planting and caring for a garden can be such a special activity to share with children.

Dr. O’s daughter in the grass with asters. (Photo by Shauna Maschmann Photography)

I try not to worry too much when we are outside.  Just running around, I’m always worried that my kids will run into the street.  This does not happen when we work on the garden together.

The first time I allowed Baby J to stumble around the garden on her own, she just poked at the dirt for awhile.  I was disappointed  because I thought she was disinterested.  As I set up the oscillating sprinkler to water the new plants, she waited patiently.  I walked up the hill from the garden to turn on the water and before I checked again (and after the water was already on) she bolted for the soft fresh dirt and newly wet mud.  I couldn’t stop the mud – at that point, I could only let it happen.  Sometimes we have to allow the crazy, dirty, muddy moments to happen with children and embrace their natural curiosity.

And yes, I do pick tomatoes and much on them while I’m gardening.  Why do you ask?

Baby J steals a tomato. (And then stuffed the whole thing in her mouth, just like I do).

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